Hbomb & Friends

Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Adam (@moofey17) & Rydia (@MzSylver) to talk Persona 5, Graceful Explosion Machine, Cluster Truck, Has Been Heroes, Nintendo Direct hype, & more.

We stream regularly on, so come check us out. Check out our schedule at to see what we have planned. We also host some of our favorite streamers, so come check us out!

  • Rejected Titles:
    • Cluster Truck 2: The Truckening
    • You Chose Wisely
    • Zelda: Scrolls of the Elder
    • Ocarina of Skyrim
    • Playing on Slime Butt

Intro: Disturbed- Down With the Sickness

Outro: Barenaked Ladies & the Persuasions- The Old Apartment

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