Hbomb & Friends

Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Aaron Trites (@HMXhenry) & Eric Pope (@MrPope) of Harmonix Music Systems (@Harmonix) as they talk about life at Harmonix, what a community manager does, donuts, Cookie Clicker, Mike Greenwell, John Drake (@johntdrake)’s Diet Coke supply, & more. Also, Adam Advocaat (@moofey17) of That Gamer Hub (@thatgamerhub) & Tony Horvath (@tonyhorvath) of Irrational Passions (@irrationalpod) drop by to talk Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, hockey, Grand Theft Auto V, pizza, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, RetroN 5, Nintendo’s Wii Fit U Direct, & more. Harmonix!

Rejected episode titles:

Nineteen Dickety-Two
American Idle
Retail, Go Home. You’re drunk!
Lawsuits With Friends
Cross Border Poutine
Attack of the Pizza
Never Trust a Turtle With Your Pizza

Intro: Freezepop- Brainpower
Outro: Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives- I Get By

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Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Jon Anderson (@heyjonanderson) of Fantastic Neighborhood ( & Alex O’Neill (@alfighter27) of Irrational Passions ( as they talk KickStarter, PAX Prime, those ignorant assholes at Fox News, Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto 4, Spelunky, Disney Infinity, & more.

Rejected episode titles

  • 35!
  • Facebomb & Friends

Intro: Motley Crue- Kickstart My Heart
Outro: Bob Marley & the Wailers- One Love 

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Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Joe Fourhman (@fourhman) of You Like the Worst Stuff (@theworstpodcast), Louis (@neuralclone) of RetroNick Radio (, Philip Wesley (@dmgice) of and, and a giant Pikachu, as they talk conventions, Disney Infinity, things not to do at cons (or leading up to marriage proposals), cool celebrities, the new Vita, Vita TV, an Xbox One release date, the new iPhones, Star Wars Pinball, & more.

Rejected Episode Titles:


    • Rosh Hashanah? Who’s he?

    • Europe Is Probably On Fire

    • Suck it, Pat!

    • Pizza-Flavored Cardboard

    • Better Than Mint Chocolate Chip

Intro: Ylvis- The Fox (Blame @dmgice!)

Outro: Star Trek Voyager theme (Blame @wizzer2801) 

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Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Fred Ehrhart (@protoaddict) of Fantastic Neighborhood (, Ryan Clarke (@ryan18245) of The Great Geek Debate  & Alex O’Neill (@alfighter27) of Irrational Passions ( as they talk Cards Against Humanity, John Drake’s Diet Coke addiction, Alex’s Spelunky addiction, Fred’s t-shirt addiction, Magic the Gathering, Project X Zone, the new Street Pass games, RWBY, Loot Crate, Dollar Shave Club, GenCon, Fan Expo, the Nintendo 2DS, the Wii U price drop, no Wii U Ambassador program, indie games coming to Sony platforms, & more.

Rejected titles:

  • Do You Need an Intervention?

  • No, Cards! NO!


  • Reggie is Right!


Intro: Mafia Track Suit- Samiam (available on Rock Band Network)

Outro: Souleye- Pressure Cooker (from VVVVVV)

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Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Aaron (@ind1fference) of GameEnthus ( & Evan Wall (@stickerglue) of Irrational Passions ( as they talk about Spec Ops: The Line, DiveKick, Picross, Disney Infinity, Dragon’s Crown, Ducktales, the first anniversary of Rock Band Blitz, air conditioning miracles, free consoles for GameStop managers, Canada gets screwed yet again, the end of MS points, organ donation, & more.

Rejected titles: "Give the Kid a Break", "We Have to Go Back!", "Air Pollution: It Sucks", "Let’s Do the Wave!"

Intro: Charlie Murder- Mnemonic Atomic
Outro: Charlie Murder- I Vote 4 Chaos
Both songs are in Ska Studios' "Charlie Murder", now available on the Xbox Games Store. 

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