Hbomb & Friends

Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by James (@blockedpunch) of Retro Nick Radio and Matt Hunter (@iamradiox) of That Gamer Hub as we talk Pokemon, failed system launches, franchise-reviving games, poutine, “Chinese Food”, shirtless Greg Miller (@gameovergreggy), Tiny Death Star, Shaq Fu, Zelda, & more.

Rejected episode titles:

    • That Can’t Be Misinterpreted In Any Way Whatsoever

    • There’s The Pole!

    • I Was Gonna Make a Dildo Joke

    • Make It Rain

    • Grand Theft Snorlax

    • BOXES!!

    • Thinking Inside the Box

      Intro: Alison Gold- Chinese Food

      Outro: Ohio University Marching 110- The Fox

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Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Josh Nickerson (@joshnickerson) & Philip Wesley (@dmgice) of & as they talk NES, Nintendo Direct, New Super Luigi U, Valve’s Steam announcements, & more.

Rejected episode titles:


    • There Is No Pole

    • Cross Border Gaming #160

    • F*** McDonald’s

    • F*** Google

    • Eat a Dickerson

    • Can You Say “Lawsuit”?

    • Evil Assholes

    • Confessions

    • Go Fund Yourself

    • PHIL’S A BRONY!!

    • Bring Frank The Net!


      Intro: Super Mario Bros. theme
      Outro: The Legend of Zelda theme 
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