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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) are joined by Jon Anderson (@heyjonanderson) of Fantastic Neighborhood (@fantastichood) as they talk Forza Horizon 2, Trivia Crack, Amiibo, our predictions for 2015, & more.

Wanna catch us live? We will be returning to our regular slot of Tuesdays @8pm ET/5PT at our new home for live shows,

Intro: Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga- It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing

Outro: Raid Fogger commercial


  • Rejected Titles:

    • Use the Forza

    • Trivia Crack Is LIke Crack?

    • Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home! (In the voice of Cartman)

    • It Gets a Five-za!

    • Let’s Go to the Maul

    • Ph.D In Bullshit

    • You Can’t Forza it Any More

    • Mario Kart is Totally Sexist & Racist

    • Kojima’s Hallway Simulator 2014

    • We’re All Old

    • Fez Is Better Than Skyrim

    • Hi Greg!

    • We Need to Get Jon Tested

    • We’re Popular Now, Guys!
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Harold (@usfhbomb) & Frank (@emaster1980) are back together again and joined by Philip (@dmgice) as they talk Cuba, “The Interview”, the Sony hack, reboots, truth in advertising, shark drones, interviewing grumpy bands, Bill Cosby, celebrity baby rumors, Arnold Schwarzenegger, & more.


Intro: Team America World Police- America, F*** Yeah!

Outro: The Doubleclicks- Lasers & Feelings


Rejected Titles


  • It Is What It Is

  • FCC-1701

  • Are They Still Around?

  • Walter Crunkite

  • What Do You Expect?

  • Leave it to the French
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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) are joined by Aaron (@ind1fference) of GameEnthus (@GameEnthus) as they talk about a bunch of games, Amiibo, Hawaii 2, the digital future, anime characters paying off lawaways, & more.


  • Rejected Titles:

    • Half-Aspergers

    • Who Said Anything About Friends?

    • I’m Fatter And Harrier

    • “Jin” And Tonic: Now A Vocaloid Composer

    • So Jon and I Can Have A Podcast Where We Weep About Not Having #IDARB?

    • His Chinpokomon Collection Is Only Growing

    • Somewhere, Frank Is Crying

    • Xbox, On, Bitch!

    • Nothing Good Ever Comes From A Microphone

    • The Gaming Industry Is Fixed, And We Need To Fix It

    • I Am So Confused Right Now

    • I Like Steak, I Like Steak, I Like Fsteak

    • A Jason Metro Game?

    • That Gamer Hub Shall Never Die

    • Happy Whatever


    • Get That Pole Out Of The Closet

Intro: Wham!- Last Christmas

Outro: The Doubleclcks- That’s Family Christmas

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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) talk about #IDARB, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Little Big Planet 3, badass cows, Cards Against Humanity living up to their word, & more.


  • Rejected Titles:

    • Adventure Couldn’t Wait For Christmas

    • You’re Fired!

    • Let It Go Already!

    • Let It Snoooooooooow

    • Butter Made With Milk STraight From The Cow

    • Rest in Peace, Badass Cow




      Intro: Beastie Boys- No Sleep Till Brooklyn

      Outro: Boyz II Men- Let it Snow
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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) talk Amiibo, Cards Against Humanity, Ultimate NES Remix, the Game Awards, the Playstation Experience, The Crew, when good furniture goes bad, & more.


  • Rejected Titles:

    • The Ocho

    • 99 Problems But XP Ain’t One

    • Jon Anderson Is A Trendy Fellow

    • Talk About Piss-Breath

    • GG, GG. GFY

    • Are You Coming Down With Ear Cancer?


Intro: DC Breaks- Nutcracker Suite (DC Breaks Remix) from Disney Fantasia Music Evolved

Outro: Steve Pardo- Winter (Alt Rock Remix) from Disney Fantasia Music Evolved

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Harold (@usfhbomb), Matt (@mattmanver2), & Jerry (@anime13rock) talk about the big releases since our last show: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the Mario Kart DLC, the first wave of amiibo, Persona Q & Picross e5. We also look back on the Wii.

Rejected Title: Jerry Hates Himself

Intro: Wii Shop Channel

Outro: Wii Sports Theme

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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) talk Harold’s new Xbone, The Crew, Persona Q, the Game Awards, & more.


  • Rejected Titles:

    • You Forgot To Pray To The Google Gods This Week

    • I’ve Got The Moofs Like Jagger

    • Everyone’s Got a Mario Kart Problem

    • The Five Bucks At Harmonix.

    • The Fine F***s At Harmonix

    • Now That I’m Depressed, Waaaaasaaaap!

    • Assassin’s Creed: Same Sh**, Different Year

    • Yes, I Suck At Games

    • Rock Band 3: Music Evolved


Intro: Jonathan Mann & Peter Coffin- #BetaAsF***

Outro: Pete Maguire- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Nassau Mix) (From Disney Fantasia Music Evolved)

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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) are joined by Rob Casaletta (@robzilla1979) of the Gamecocks podcast as they talk Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Persona Q, waffles, Black Friday, Crossy Road, Chipotle, Skyline Chili & more.


  • Rejected Titles:

    • What’s A Miku?

    • That Sounds Like A Massive Roadblock To Me.

    • Why Be Gangnam Style When You Can Be Belgium Style?


    • Baynoetta 2

    • This Is Getting Just As Bad As Adam Talking About Project Diva Every Week.

    • Not All The Guards Are Married?

    • The Master Chef Collection

    • The Only Good Thing About Destiny Is that Wizard

    • Gordon Ramsay is Still a Very Handsome man

    • Apollo Creed: Unity

    • I Hate Myself So I’ll Probably End Up Opening It

    • Ramen Noodles: I Did It

    • Just Because I Have Autism, It Doesn’t Mean I’m A Brony

    • I’m Harold Price And I’m Fine!

    • And I’m Not Even American!

    • Never Underestimate The Aspie

    • Lucina Isn’t Really Feeling It

    • Amiiboholics Anonymous

    • Snowboarding In Socal

    • Can’t Touch My Pit

    • Final Fantasy IV Remake!

    • PANIC

    • Vancouverites: Master Race Of Unaffordability, NIMBYs, and bike lanes.

Intro: London Symphony Orchestra- Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Main Theme

Outro: Jonathan Mann- Crossy Road

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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) talk Disney Fantasia Music Evolved, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, Mario Kart 8 DLC, Smash Wii U Hype, Desert Bus for Hope, energy drinks, Surge memories, Vanilla Ice, & more.


  • Rejected Titles:

    • Today’s been a bit “Leek”-y

    • Hit Me With Some Leeks

    • Aren’t I A Gamer?

    • Via the Vita, Via Life

    • Major Bossfight

    • Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs, Toyota Corrollas, David Letterman and the Misadventures of Hatsune Miku

    • Now You Can Have Your Wub Wub Wub and Play With It Too.

    • Hbomb Is Not Impressed


    • Have We Devolved Into Giant Bomb?

    • This Is Where The Conversation Devolves Into Boobs

    • I Guess If It’s Caramelldansen For The Kids, It’s A Good Thing

    • Ice Ice Outpost, With Vanilla Ice

    • Who Let Lunk Drive?

    • Who Let The Links Out?

    • What’s Wrong With Brawl?


Intro: Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby

Outro: Tally Heilke- Let it Go (Desert Bus Edition)- (This happened right after we finished recording on Tuesday.)

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Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) are joined by Jon Anderson @heyjonanderson of Fantastic Neighborhood (@fantastichood), as they talk Sunset Overdrive, energy drinks, SodaStream, lube, Creed, Forza Horizon 2, The Banner Saga, The Binding of Issac Rebirth, Amiibo, Need for Speed Rivals, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Loot Crate, Battletoads, Bayonetta 2 (at least I think so- I wasn’t paying attention), & more. Also, we have more $2 Xbox codes to give away, courtesy of our friends at Harmonix (@Harmonix).

Rejected Titles:


    • We’re the Social Justice League Of North America

    • I’m Harold Jesus H. Christ

    • Pop? Heh. That’s Adorable.

    • Is That Lube?

    • Climax Burst

    • Yeah, Of Course You Are

    • I’m More Of A Starburst Guy

    • History’s Worst Monsters

    • It’s Not Lube.

    • If There Was a Guantanamo Prison In This Game, You’d Both Be In It

    • The Internet Is B.S.

    • So Dragon Age Is A Rhythm Game?

    • Rhythm Is a Dragon

    • Professional Cosplayers

    • Jon Anderson the Game

    • It’s Kinda Like a Hulk Prequel

    • The Bruce Banner Saga

    • Gregory Blaney’s Still Stuck On His Vocaloid Rhythm Games

    • Love It. Love It. Love It.

    • I Don’t Give A S*** About Halo


    • ...But I’m Not Good At Them.

    • Venus Wasteland

    • Density

    • Dan City

    • The Game Awards: Sponsored By Doritos And Mountain Dew

    • Mountain Dew DEWritos: The Most MLG Drink Ever

    • Valet!

    • Why Do Canadians Get All The Cool Stuff?

    • Why Toronto?!

    • Big Bird Is Alive And Well

    • I Am In Bed

    • You’re A Social Justice Warrior. He’s a Social Justice Bard

    • Cool Kids That Curse


Intro: The Who- Baba O’Riley

Outro: SNAP!- Rhythm is a Dancer

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