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Hbomb & Friends

Aug 18, 2013

Hbomb & Friends #1: Hbomb & a Giant Bucket of Chicken or THEY KILLED BIG BIRD!!


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a fallen podcast, Hbomb is back with special guests Adam Advocaat of That Gamer Hub and Alex O' Neill & Greg Blaney of Irrational Passions. Subject for this episode include Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Tales of Xillia, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Greg Miller on Irrational Passions, Steam World Dig, the 404ing it panel from PAX East, the Pokemon World Championships, giant buckets of KFC, Mega Pokemon, Fantasia: Music Evolved, more Xbox 180s, the Charlie Murder soundtrack, Carly Rae Jepsen, arcade cabinet rental, & more. All for the low cost of 20 ballers!

Intro: Charlie Murder- "For Yr Pain"
Outro: Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney: "Charlie Murderin'"
Both songs are from the Charlie Murder soundtrack, which is available for download at or on vinyl at


Rejected episode titles: "For only 20 Ballers", "What Are Video Games?", "FRAAAAAAAAAANK!", "Who Ya Gonna Blame? Ghostbusters!", "No retail, no buy", "Obstruction!", "Ace Attorney Cancelled Due to Ghostbusters", "Digmin", "Xbox 900, Sponsored by Tony Hawk", "I Just Dated Myself", "IT'S OVER 9000!", "Mega KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN", "If You're All Boners..."