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Hbomb & Friends

Apr 10, 2014

Description: Hbomb (@usfhbomb) is joined by Tiny (@tiny415) of GameEnthus (@gameenthus) & Spencer (@TheGeekIntel) of the Great Geek Debate, as we preview PAX East 2014 and also talk Marvel movies, Infamous Second Son, OUYA, Firefly, & more.

Rejected Titles:

  • Fox Sucks
  • Hbomb Is Dead
  • No, Just No!
  • The Bubbler
  • Nerd Love
  • Bring condoms
  • The death train

Intro: Dropkick Murphys- I’m Shipping Up to Boston

Outro: James Silva- I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 (Live from PAX East 2012)

Also, I mentioned "404ing It: Breaking Down the Internet" on the show. This is last year's panel. Or just watch the Heather O'Rourke meme portion.