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Hbomb & Friends

Sep 9, 2014

Hbomb (@usfhbomb) is joined by newly-minted co-host Adam (@moofey17), as they talk PAX Panels, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Danganropa 2, Mario Kart 8, being good to each other, & more.

Please join us for the Hbomb & Friends/ Cross Border Gaming/ Podcast 64 tournament on Mario Kart 8. Our code is 5041-9043-2911.

On October 11, Harold is participating in Walk Now For Autism. To support him, go to Every little bit helps. Thank you.

Rejected Titles:


    • Sorry, Jon & Alex

    • I Think We Have To Worry More About Greg.

    • Greg Would Totally Cosplay Her


Intro: The Doubleclicks- Ennui (On We Go) (check out their album Dimetrodon on iTunes- it’s awesome!)

Outro: Chubby Checker- Dig Dug-