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Hbomb & Friends

Sep 17, 2013

Harold (@usfhbomb) is joined by Joe Fourhman (@fourhman) of You Like the Worst Stuff (@theworstpodcast), Louis (@neuralclone) of RetroNick Radio (, Philip Wesley (@dmgice) of and, and a giant Pikachu, as they talk conventions, Disney Infinity, things not to do at cons (or leading up to marriage proposals), cool celebrities, the new Vita, Vita TV, an Xbox One release date, the new iPhones, Star Wars Pinball, & more.

Rejected Episode Titles:


    • Rosh Hashanah? Who’s he?

    • Europe Is Probably On Fire

    • Suck it, Pat!

    • Pizza-Flavored Cardboard

    • Better Than Mint Chocolate Chip

Intro: Ylvis- The Fox (Blame @dmgice!)

Outro: Star Trek Voyager theme (Blame @wizzer2801)