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Hbomb & Friends

Aug 19, 2015

Can you believe it’s been two years? Hbomb (@usfhbomb) is joined by fan favorites Alex O’Neill (@alfighter27), Jon Anderson (@heyjonanderson), & Tyler Treese (@tylertreese), as they talk Rare Replay, the Doubleclicks, the OC, cars dropping from the ceiling, and more. But mostly the OC. Hey, did you know that Olivia Wilde was on The OC? Neither did I until this podcast. But I digress.


Wanna catch us live? We’re live on most Tuesdays @8pm ET/5PT at our new home for live shows, Also check out Podcast 64 on alternate Monday nights at 8PM on the same channel.


Also, be sure to check out our brand new website: In addition to new episodes of Hbomb & Friends and Podcast 64, I will be posting regular blog entries. I have also added the archives to the website for your convenience.


Intro: Phantom Planet- California

Outro: The Doubleclicks- President Snakes


  • Rejected Titles:

    • You Do You

    • Suck It, Jon!

    • Suck It, Alex!

    • Primetime Players

    • Alex & Friends

    • Harold, if you wanna host…

    • This Podcast Brought To You By Microsoft

    • This Jon Anderson Brought to You By Microsoft

    • #AlexsMom

    • Actual Sunlight: It’s Very Dark

    • I’ve been thinking about starting an OC rewatch podcast

    • Olivia Wilde is on the OC?

    • Did you get to the Risky Business episode yet?

    • OC Fancast

    • 2015 is a Chrismukkah of games

    • F*** The Gamecocks