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Hbomb & Friends

Aug 19, 2014

Hbomb (@usfhbomb) is joined by Adam Advocaat (@Moofey17), Alex O’Neill (@alfighter27), Jon Anderson (@heyjonanderson), Greg Blaney (@gregoryblaney), and some random guy who crashes mid-show, as we talk P.T., Road Not Taken, Google FAIL, and a bunch of other stuff, because quite frankly, everything else was just a massive blur.

Rejected episode titles (there are a lot- a sign of how crazy this show was):

    • Gordon Freeman is a Very Handsome Man

    • Thanks Googlebama/Goobama

    • Jizz In My Notes (Sung to the tune in “Jizz In My Pants”)

    • jon just literally came

    • Shut Up And Let Me Talk!

    • The “Grill Harold” Episode

    • That’s What They Call My Dick

    • Alex Hates Gypsies

    • He Gets None Of The F***s+

    • You can’t be racist towards Italians, they’re white people

    • It’s F***ing Russian


    • In Soviet Russia, Game Kills Your Family

    • This Show’s Just Full Of Dicks!

    • It’s a Piece Of Sh**, And You’re A Piece Of Sh**.

    • You Like Free Sh**

    • That’s How I Pick On Hookers, Too.

    • Bugs Bunny!

    • I’m Greg And I’m Better Than Everybody

    • Greg’s A Pussy

    • I Have Touched A Girl’s Breasts By Now

    • This Podcast Is Brought To You By Gunnar Optics

    • Hbomb & Free Games

    • Bullshithaxorzlolol420

    • Greg. Hatsune. Miku.

    • Don’t You Guys Want To See Miku Dance To PoPiPo?

    • @LordDick

    • But He Likes Bugs Bunny

    • Sheldon Cooper Doesn’t Give A Shit

    • You Stay Away From My Void

    • I Forgot It’s Tuesday. Also, I’m Skiing In The Alps.

    • Who The F***’s Tony Horvath?

    • The One That Wouldn’t Die

    • otaku and feminism are oxymorons


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