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Hbomb & Friends

Nov 29, 2014

Hbomb (@usfhbomb) & Adam (@moofey17) are joined by Rob Casaletta (@robzilla1979) of the Gamecocks podcast as they talk Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Persona Q, waffles, Black Friday, Crossy Road, Chipotle, Skyline Chili & more.


  • Rejected Titles:

    • What’s A Miku?

    • That Sounds Like A Massive Roadblock To Me.

    • Why Be Gangnam Style When You Can Be Belgium Style?


    • Baynoetta 2

    • This Is Getting Just As Bad As Adam Talking About Project Diva Every Week.

    • Not All The Guards Are Married?

    • The Master Chef Collection

    • The Only Good Thing About Destiny Is that Wizard

    • Gordon Ramsay is Still a Very Handsome man

    • Apollo Creed: Unity

    • I Hate Myself So I’ll Probably End Up Opening It

    • Ramen Noodles: I Did It

    • Just Because I Have Autism, It Doesn’t Mean I’m A Brony

    • I’m Harold Price And I’m Fine!

    • And I’m Not Even American!

    • Never Underestimate The Aspie

    • Lucina Isn’t Really Feeling It

    • Amiiboholics Anonymous

    • Snowboarding In Socal

    • Can’t Touch My Pit

    • Final Fantasy IV Remake!

    • PANIC

    • Vancouverites: Master Race Of Unaffordability, NIMBYs, and bike lanes.

Intro: London Symphony Orchestra- Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Main Theme

Outro: Jonathan Mann- Crossy Road