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Hbomb & Friends

Jan 21, 2016

Tyler (@tylertreese) joins Harold (@usfhbomb) & (eventually) Jared (@kohaku233) as they talk Tharsis, Amplitude, David Bowie, Amiibo, Pokemon, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, Star Wars Pinball, Star Wars pajamas, & more.


Wanna catch us live? We’re live on most Wednesdays (new night!) @8pm ET/5PT at our new home for live shows, Also check out Podcast 64 on alternate Monday nights at 8PM on the same channel. Plus, Hbomb is showing off new Rock Band 4 tracks on the channel on Tuesdays at 7pm ET.


Also, be sure to check out our brand new website: In addition to new episodes of Hbomb & Friends and Podcast 64, I will be posting regular blog entries. I have also added the archives to the website for your convenience.

Intro: David Bowie- Lazarus

Outro: David Bowie- Space Oddity

  • Rejected Titles:
    • Tyler & Friends
    • Everybody Loves Phantoms
    • We Don’t Have Time for Your Lies
    • Nobody Cares About Venusaur
    • Pokemon Go Away
    • Read the Tylers