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We've got new Rock Band DLC, and I try Crystal Pepsi for the first time in years.

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Can you believe it’s been 3 years? We’ve got Hbomb (@usfhbomb), Jared (@kohaku233), Alex (@alfighter27), Adam (@moofey17), & Tyler (@tylertreese) this week, and we’re talking about No Man’s Sky, Harambe, MasterChef, Mr. Robot, getting derailed, & more. This podcast brought to you by “Ben-Hur” & Nutella.

Intro: Soul Asylum- Runaway Train

Outro: Persona 5 Theme Song Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There!


  • Rejected Titles:
    • Road Combatants
    • Nobody expects the Dorothinquisition!
    • Harold Knows His Sh**
    • Full Harambe
    • What’s Getting Harder?
    • Miku Ruined Vita
    • Kagamine Len and KAITO’s Yaoi Adventures
    • Rated E for Butthole Touching
    • Greg Miller Has the Panties
    • Do Not Sexualize the Vocaloid
    • Tyler Is Full of Crap
    • #vomitvomitvomit
    • 2D, 3D, RealD3D, IMAX 3D
    • Hbomb & Ben Hur
    • Ben-Hur? I Hardly Know Her
    • Goddammit, Tyler!
    • Harold, Are You Boosting Again?
    • OxenFree: The Sequel To OlliOlli
    • Hey Arambe! The Sequel to Samba de Amigo
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Not much to talk about here. Just a show update and a big announcement!

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Well, we missed last week, but we're back with some Rock Band DLC announcements, some NX discussion, and some fancy Pepsi.

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Harold (@usfhbomb) & Jared (@kohaku233) talk Gal*Gun Double Peace, Suicide Squad, Sharknado 4, Rock Band going NASCAR racing, NX rumors, PDQ, BattleBots, the meaning of “parity” & more.

Intro: Limp Bizkit- Rollin’

Outro: Ace of Base- Beautiful Life


  • Rejected Titles:
    • Thank You Japan
    • Dumb Movie: The Movie
    • Pokemon S&M: It’s Just Wrong
    • Because Japan
    • That’s So Harold
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It's Monday, so it's time for a Rock Band DLC announcement. It's also the first Monday of the month, so we also get all the August artists!

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I'm trying something new here. I'm going to start doing short mini-podcasts every few days or so, talking about whatever's going on (including weekly bites discussing Rock Band DLC & monthly bites discussing Games With Gold & Playstation Plus). For the inaugural Hbites, I will discuss recent NX rumors stemming from the leak to Eurogamer. 

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Harold (@usfhbomb), Jared (@kohaku233), and Matt (@mattmanver2) talk Rock Band Rivals, Ghostbusters, Independence Day Resurgence (spoiler warning), the Hemsworth brothers, I Am Setsuna, Tumblestone, & more.

Intro: The Doubleclicks- Ghostbusters-

Outro: Red Vox- There She Goes (For more, go to )

Rejected Title: I Am Chrono Trigger

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Harold (@usfhbomb), Matt (@mattmanver2), Jared (@kohaku233) & Chris (@supernintendad) talk more NX rumors, the 64 DD prototype, Zero Time Dilemma, Project X Zone 2, Fire Emblem Fates, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, the final Splatfest, old Wii games, & more.

Intro: Pokemon Red & Blue- Opening Theme

Outro: Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest- Bloody Tears (Barkerville)

Rejected Titles:

  • Intentional Poop
  • Pokemon YOLO
  • Hairs of Fate
  • Aeris of Fate
  • Tyler Was Right
  • Chris Was Right
  • Waifu Wars
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We had some technical difficulties, but we got a good show in. Hbomb (@usfhbomb) is joined by Jared (@kohaku233), Jerry (@screamopichu), and the long-overdue return of Adam (@moofey17) as we discuss Drawful 2, Sharknado 4, God of War, Stargate SG-1, Nintendo vs. Zoe Quinn, EA being EA (at the expense of Criterion & Burnout fans), NX rumors, Mighty No. 9, & more.

Intro: Toto- Africa

Outro: Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet with Butterfly Wings


  • Rejected Titles:
    • You Didn’t Even Leave A Tip?
    • F*** the East Coast!
    • ...this game sucks!
    • The Healing Potion Killed me!
    • S*** Looney
    • Canadian Pesos
    • TMS #FE: 4kidz Edition. Thanks, Treehouse
    • Mighty “Number 2”
    • Sharknado 4: The Sharknadoing
    • God of War SG-1: Don’t Be Sorry, Be Better
    • S*** Michael Pachter Says
    • The Rails Are In A Whole Different Zip Code
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